Tricks for packing clothes for a move

Moving guides - January 7, 2019

If you are on the cusp of moving, the verb packing is constantly on your mind. Whether you are thinking about packing clothes for a move or packing your bulky furniture, one thing is for sure – you will need lots of tips and tricks to do it. Of course, you can always opt for using extra moving services Brooklyn which contain complete packing and unpacking of your items. However, if you were not gifted with a hefty budget, there is nothing to worry about. When you have the right tips from the right pros, packing your belongings for a move becomes a piece of cake!

Never let any space go to waste

Tell us one thing – when you finally decide to go on that well-earned vacation, what do you use for packing your clothes? That’s right, you use your suitcases. Well, we have some news for you. When you move to another location, you have to bring all of your belongings with you – your suitcases included. Why would you transport your suitcases empty and buy extra moving boxes, when you can save money and utilize space at the same time? Pack a portion of your clothes in suitcases, and don’t worry about their safety. Of course, when it comes to packing, there is one thing we as moving professionals always advise – never overpack your container. It will become too heavy for you to carry, which might result in moving injuries. So, be careful, and put your health above all else.

A blue suitcase to use when packing clothes for a move.
Packing clothes for a move 101 – use what you already have!

Pick the right moving container

The good thing about packing your clothes is that you have many options when it comes to moving containers. Clothes do come in all shapes and sizes but they fold easily, so you can make them fit just about anywhere. Some of the most popular choices for packing clothes include:

  • Moving boxes
  • Garbage bags
  • Specialized moving boxes

Moving boxes

Moving boxes are the most common and essential moving supplies. If you were to say that there is no moving without moving boxes, you wouldn’t be wrong. And when it comes to packing clothes, you may or may not use them. But if you do opt for moving boxes, don’t think big. A smaller moving box is always a better choice, as you won’t even notice at what point you packed so many items and overburdened your box. With a small-sized moving box, that’s not likely to happen.

Garbage bags

Granted, using garbage bags when packing clothes for a move is not the most sophisticated thing to do. But it’s certainly the cheapest one. In case you need to hire additional moving services and hire piano movers Brooklyn, you already know that your moving price won’t be low. So, why not do whatever you can to lower it? If saving money on packing is on your mind, then we just gave you an insight as to what needs to be done.

Specialized moving boxes

Some specialized moving boxes were created specifically for the purpose of helping you transport your clothes. Hanging wardrobe boxes, for example, serve to imitate the inside of your wardrobe. They act as your clothes hangers and help prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled up. Of course, buying boxes such as these costs money, so you have to be prepared for spending some money. 

Clothes on hangers.
Some moving boxes act as a replacement for your wardrobe.

Use vacuum when packing clothes for a move

The thing with clothes is that some seasonal items, such as winter jackets and sweaters can take up too much space. One moving box might be able to fit only one jacket, so you can imagine how many of them you will need in order to pack up everything. The best (and quite possibly the only) way to save some space is by using vacuum seal bags. You put your clothes inside them and then use the vacuum device to suck out all the air from the bag. Just like that, you get a bag that is three times smaller than its original size. This is especially smart idea when it comes to seasonal clothing. If you know you won’t be needed your summer dresses any time soon because you are moving during the winter holidays, it would be best for you to pack them inside vacuum bags. Use every chance you can for decluttering your living area.

Group your clothes together

Have you ever heard of the golden rule that says you should put items of one kind inside one box, and never mix items from the bedroom, for example, with those from the kitchen? Well, the same rules apply to the process of packing clothes for a move. You should not mix your underwear with your coats any more than you should mix kitchen utensils with lamps. There are just some universal rules for packing, and this is one of them. 

Never bring more than you have to

As Brooklyn moving professionals, we often walk into houses that are filled with items. Most of the times, the owners don’t even need those items. They just didn’t find enough time for decluttering their homes. Don’t make the same mistake. Before you start packing your clothes, make sure to clean out your closet. Throw away any clothes you have outgrown and no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is to throw everything you have not worn in over a year. You will be surprised how much space and money you can save this way.

Clothes and shoes on a bed.
Decide which pieces of clothing you should bring with you and which ones you should throw away.

Packing clothes for a move will definitely be a long process. It starts with you cleaning your closet and ends once every piece of clothing you own is safely packed up. However, if you use our tips, your time won’t go to waste. You will be able to successfully pack, and keep all of your items safe for the transport.

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