How to cope with the biggest expat problems?

After the move - January 2, 2019

Moving to a new country can be really difficult – for a whole host of different reasons. Whether there are some objective difficulties, or you just have a harder time adapting; as an expat, you may have some issues in your new home. However, you should know that nothing about that is something you can’t solve; with the right help and advice. If you want to learn how to cope with the biggest expat problems; don’t worry! We’re here to assist you with more than just moving to Brooklyn.

The language barrier is one of the biggest expat problems

Let’s face it – no matter where you relocate, you’re dealing with a new environment. And for some people, that’s an issue even when you’re moving to another part of town; let alone going to another country. But in the latter case, you may face certain problems you haven’t thought about. For example – depending on where you move, you may have to learn an entirely new language. Indeed, that language barrier can be one of the biggest expat problems for people who haven’t prepared adequately. 

Which is why it’s crucial to fully prepare yourself for the new environment you’re moving to. Let’s face it – relocating to an entirely different country isn’t something you do on a whim. In fact, you probably know about it well in advance – so use that time to make all the important preparations! And we’re not talking about the logistics here; you need to ready yourself for that new place in every possible way. Which includes getting a hang of the local language, naturally. That can be intimidating, but there’s no need to worry; you don’t have to master it all at once. Most of that will come through constant use; although you definitely need the basics before you move there.

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Learning a new language can be tough – especially as you get older!

Worrying about money

Relocation to another country is no different from a local one, in one particular sense; you’ll need to think about money. Whether you’re hiring some of the long distance movers Brooklyn has or relocating to Europe; you still need to consider what you’ll do for a living. And make no mistake – financial security is one of the biggest expat problems out there. Sure, many people actually move to another country in order to work, and make more money. But if you’re not an economic migrant – you’ll need to make a plan regarding that as well.

Also, remember – no matter where you’re going, that process will disrupt your finances somewhat. However, if you consider this problem on time, there’s no reason for your financial security to be at risk. At the end of the day, you don’t have to take care of that yourself. Indeed, there are plenty of financial planners out there offering their services – so you may want to consult some of them, before going to another country.

Financial planning is something you’ll have to deal with before moving to another country!

Missing your friends

A big part of relocating anywhere is meeting new people, and making some new friends in your new home. And in many cases, that’s exactly what people want and need; a change of social scenery. However, for many people moving to a new country; missing their old social circles is one of the biggest expat problems. And sure, to some this may seem childish – but in reality, think of how you’d cope with daily life without your friends and coworkers around. Which is why, before you start thinking about moving supplies; consider whether you can truly find yourself in an entirely new country.

Of course, this isn’t an unsolvable problem. While, obviously, you can’t just take your friends with you; in this day and age, this issue is less of a burden than before. Today, you’ve got the power of technology and the Internet at your disposal! So, it’s simply the matter of planning out video calls and using other modern means of communications. Sure, that won’t replace actually meeting your friends for a drink; but it’ll help you through the transitional process, while you adapt to your new surroundings.

Three women in dresses with hats laughing, representing one of the biggest expat problems.
Making a bunch of new friends is one of the biggest expat problems!

Building a new professional network

We’ve already mentioned how worrying about money, and making new friends can be one of the biggest expat problems. But there’s one issue that encompasses both the social and the financial issue. And that’s the problem of creating an entirely new network of people you know in your profession, in your new country. Sure, networking is something many of us don’t do consciously; but as you build yourself a career, you’re bound to meet a lot of people working in the same profession. And these contacts can be crucial down the line, when it comes to advancing yourself or finding a new job.

And once you start packing to move to a new country; you’ll soon realize that this professional network is something you don’t have there. Also, if you’re not at the start of your career, with fellow entry-level coworkers; fitting in and building work relationships can be difficult. However, at the end of the day – this isn’t that big of a problem if you recognize it on time. You simply need to start exploring your options before you relocate. Take a look at what trade fairs there are in your new country – and go there in order to mingle! There are also plenty of online forums and groups you can partake in even before relocating.

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