How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Move?

Moving guides - December 21, 2018

With global warming and climate change on the forefront of everyone’s minds, more and more people are trying to help the environment. After all, we’ve only got one planet! As global awareness increased, people have tried various ways to help the environment, ranking from things like the Plastic Pollution Coalition, to campaigning for environment-friendly laws and regulations. And, of course, while the vast majority of pollution comes from mega corporations, there’s no reason not to try and be a bit more eco-friendly yourself. After all, everyone should do their part in helping the planet! We have a responsibility to our descendants and to Mother Nature. From recycling, to denying plastic bags, to making an eco-friendly move, all the little acts add up to a big total! Plus, many tips for an eco-friendly move help your wallet as well as the environment.

The recycling symbol - have an eco-friendly move by reducing plastic in your move!
Reusing and recycling moving supplies are an excellent way to have a more eco-friendly move.


Use recyclable boxes for an eco-friendly move

After all, recycling and reusing things is one of the core tenets of environmentalism. So, when you’re looking for moving supplies, try to make them a bit more green by using what you already have. Of course, you’re always going to need boxes for moving. But you can cut down on how many boxes you need. Plus, looking for free moving boxes is good for your wallet. You might wonder why green tips and budget tips overlap so often – well, they both have to do with reducing waste!

  • Look for grocery store boxes. Many grocery stores will be more than happy to let you take delivery boxes off their hands. Those boxes are sturdy and should withstand a lot. After all, they’d have to recycle them anyway, so it doesn’t cost them a thing to let you have them instead.
  • The eco-friendly move means being aware of the impact of your actions on the environment. Don’t just carelessly throw away those moving boxes, recycle them!
  • Liquor stores especially have very sturdy boxes – they have to be sturdy so that the bottles don’t break. Try to ask for a few of them too!
  • Do you have containers already? Well, no reason to bury yourself in moving boxes – use up what you have first!
  • If you’re planning well in advance, you can save the boxes you get during the year. Everyone loves online shopping, so why not save those boxes and packing peanuts?
  • Using packing services Brooklyn is a good way to ensure you don’t overuse boxes.
  • Look for biodegradable supplies if you can.
  • Check out websites like freecycle¬† for your moving supplies.
  • Websites like Craigslist are a good bet too!
  • You can do a lot by filling your suitcases and bins first, before seeking out new boxes.

What you use as moving supplies is just as important as what you use as boxes

So, you have your eco-friendly boxes, no matter if they’re recycled or free. You fill them with your items, wrapped in packing peanuts or wrap or crumpled newspapers to protect them from breaking. And then, you top up a generous amount of the packing peanuts or crumpled paper, just in case. How much of an eco-friendly move is that? Of course, it’s completely normal to use packing peanuts and other moving supplies, since no one wants their items to break. But, whenever possible, try to substitute them for something else. Why not wrap your glassware in socks? They’re just as durable and even less likely to break. Why not put your blankets around your desk instead of wrapping it in plastic?

A good way for an eco-friendly move is to take your suitcases and fill them, instead of just transporting them empty.
Your suitcases are literally meant for packing. Why not use them for their intended purpose and cut down on the boxes you need?

You can use your clothes, too – that way, you also cut down on moving boxes! Of course, it’s important to know what kind of clothes – just use your best judgment. Would you wrap the dishes in your jeans? No, no you would not. Better to use soft shirts. Would you use your black-tie suit or dress to cushion a TV? Hopefully not! Of course, with that in mind, it’s easy to see how just using materials you already have isn’t enough. So, why not use crumpled paper or crumpled newspapers, so you can easily recycle them afterward? Of course, you should be careful where to use the newspapers, as they can leave ink stains. Plus, you can use creative ways to cut costs during moving to also cut your carbon footprint!

A young blonde woman in flannel hugging a tree and smiling at the camera.
Save the trees. Recycle paper.

An eco-friendly move means planning your trips carefully

Fuel is one of the biggest pollutants around. So, if you can, why not try to figure out how to make the fewest trips? That way, you save time, money, and the planet! Time because you won’t be going back every two seconds to get another thing, money because gas is expensive, and the planet because that’s less CO2 emissions! This is even more important if you’re traveling far. For example, if you’re moving to Brooklyn from a neighboring town, you want to make as few trips as possible.

This might mean traveling light, but it doesn’t have to. After all, no one is demanding an ascetic lifestyle! But, if you plan carefully, you can easily decide what you need to bring and what can be given away or donated. No one wants to bring things they’re just going to get rid of in a month! Not only is that not eco-friendly, but it’s expensive and a drain on your time and resources. So, with that in mind, look at all the items that you have to pack and decide if you do in fact need all of them. It’s not too late to organize a quick yard sale to help your moving funds! An eco-friendly move means moving only what you actually need and want, not mindlessly shoving things in suitcases for the hell of it.

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