Creative ways to save money on moving

Moving guides - October 27, 2018

Moving can be quite an expensive endeavor. It is important to look for every way possible to minimize your moving costs. You should consider how much money can you spend on this whole process. You need to be organized, and to make a plan. Will you hire professionals or do it yourself? There are many ways to save money on moving, and here are some of the most creative ones!

Deciding on your moving company

Moving companies have different rates, and you should check every one in your area in order to strike a good deal. See what company’s program fits you the best. Check what the moving companies offer and at what price. If you have some clunky objects like a piano, try to look for a company which specializes in moving pianos. This way you can save money on additional services. Do not always go for the lowest rate company. They are probably cheap for a reason. But be sure to check the online reviews and make your decision based on them. However, beware of the too-good-to-be-true deals. These may turn out to be scams, and make you pay more than hiring a reliable moving company.

Reducing your weight

Most moving companies consider weight to be the most important factor of every move. Other factors are distance, insurance coverage, and long-hauls. If you reduce the weight, the price will drop. It is that simple. Less weight equals fewer costs. You can reduce weight by shedding of some of your items. Old furniture, old TV sets and other things that are gathering dust in your basement or attic. Think of having a garage sale sometime before your move. This is a great way to shed some weight and also gain some money in the process. There are many factors included in having a good garage sale.

A garage sale is a good way to shed some weight!
A garage sale is a good way to shed some weight!

If you do not want to have a garage sale, or could not sell everything at once, consider donating them. You can donate directly to charity, refugee shelters or orphanages, or you can give the items to organizations that act as a medium between you and the one who you are donating to.

Scheduling your move

Timing your move can be a real money saver! If you schedule your move a few months before the actual move, the price will be lower. The farther the date, the better. Consider moving off-season as well. Many people want to move during the summer. The whole process is easier if the weather is warm. That is why movers charge more for moving during those summer months. Relocating off-season can save you money on moving, because the moving companies have less work, and will consider taking your offer.

Scheduling your move is an important step.

The movers may also give you a date that best fits them. If you are flexible with your date and take their offer, they will probably charge you less. When you are adapting to their schedule, they will see that as a sign of seriousness, because they will see that you care about the move, and will adapt in order for it to proceed smoothly.

Saving money on moving and packing

You can save money if you decide to do the packing yourself. Moving companies charge more if they are obliged to do the packing as well. When you do the packing, you will also know which box contains what and pack accordingly. This will make the job easier when you get to your new home and start unpacking. You can also save money on boxes. Try asking around in your building to see if someone has some spare boxes. If they do, you can probably strike a better bargain than buying new boxes. If not, just go to any convenient store or tool store, and buy the boxes yourself.

Do it yourself and save some money on moving?

Well, we think you shouldn’t even try doing it all on your own. And for many reasons. Relocations are hard. And if you aren’t a moving specialist yourself – it can take a lot of your energy. Not to mention money. Moving mistakes are common. And can happen to anyone. That is why it is wise to hire a professional moving company that can handle your move. Moving experts can take care of every task that comes their way. Quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is to give your mover a call!


Man carrying a crate. - doing everything on your own won't save you any money on moving
Do it yourself and you won’t save any money on moving!


Saving money on moving is a very important step in this whole process. You never know if there will be any complications that will increase the costs of the move. But, you will want to avoid them by all means. For sure. It is also important to think of the money new beginnings require. Are you buying a house? Or renting? How much money you’ll need? Some people make the mistake of spending too much on the move, without thinking about the first couple of days after the move. Use these tips and tricks, and good luck with your move!

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