What to do when movers are late?

Moving guides - October 22, 2018

Scheduling your move is one of the most important things in the whole process of you moving. You have to be organized, and know what needs to be done and when. Straying from the plan can cause many additional problems. If it is not on your part but the movers’, it may be a cause for concern. But it is important to stay calm during these situations. There are always some unforeseen circumstances that you cannot affect. The weather, traffic or other things that can delay your move, cannot be predicted, nor changed. Moving is one of those stressful events, that can divert from the plan in a blink of an eye. That is why you need to be prepared for any situation. In this guide, we will cover the specific aspect of the move when your movers are late. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

A traffic jam.
A traffic jam may be a cause for delay.

Hiring a reliable moving company

When you decide to the move, make sure you hired seasoned professionals. If they are some of the top-rated companies, they will never be late. This is an exception for minor delays, but these never cause any concern. Minor delays include traffic and difficult weather. This way, if they are late, you can always call them, and they will pick up and explain why they are late.

Steps to follow if movers are late

So, it is your moving day, and your movers are nowhere to be found. You cannot walk through your home due to all the boxes. This can be a cause for major concern but the most important thing is that you DO NOT PANIC. Panicking can only cause further distress. Your belonging are still safe and sound in your house. So, remain calm and think about what you can do.

Hour glass.
If the movers are late, be sure to call the company!

Give your mover a call

The first thing you should consider doing is calling the moving company. If they pick up, ask them why they are late, and demand specific details. They can always give you some common excuses in order to get you off their back. That is why you need to demand them to be specific. If there is a problem, you need to be aware of that. It is your move after all, and they are the ones in which you put your trust in.

Check the website

If they do not pick up, try visiting their website to get access to another phone number, or e-mail. E-mailing them should be your last option because it is not direct, and they do not need to answer you immediately. Keep calling them, until they pick up. They will have to, eventually.

Stay patient

If there is no way you can get them to answer, consider waiting for a couple of hours. If they call you and tell you that your move will have to happen some other day, this can be difficult for you, because all your belongings are packed and ready to go. Should you be adamant on moving on that day, you can consider calling another Leo Hamel’s Fine Jewelry, that does the same-day moving. When you call them they will probably be ready to move your stuff a couple of hours after the call. But be wary, they will charge you more than your original company. And that can be a problem if you are looking for ways to save money on your relocation. However, they will not be late and betray your trust like the original company.

If you do not want to hire another company and get charged more, the only option is to wait. Remain calm and wait for the movers, occasionally calling them and checking on their progress.

Late on delivery

If your movers are late on delivery, it can be quite stressful. All your belongings on a truck whose location you do not even know. Thoughts of theft will come to your mind, or what if the truck had an accident. What will become of your valuable computer set or your leather couch? This is a cause for concern, but you can make the situation easier if you, I repeat, do not panic. There may be a traffic jam on the freeway or the truck may have had a flat tire. Thinking about these options will make your head clearer and will make you able to react far better to this new situation.

A flat tire. - a reason why movers are late
A flat tire may occur to delay your delivery.

Your best bet is to try calling the head office. If they do not answer, keep calling them. This is a far bigger problem than the company being late to pick your stuff up. Demand to know the location of the truck, and when will they arrive. If they tell you that they will be a couple of hours late, you should consider doing some cleaning in the new stuff. Prepare your house for the unpacking and project where will which item fit.

Find a way to make things easier on yourself

If they will be late a full day, or more, think about where you will spend the night. Does your new house have a bed? If not, go to a store and buy an air mattress or something else which will make you able to spend a night. Consider calling a friend and asking them if you can stay at their place for a day or two. If you do not know anyone in the new town, find a local hotel or a motel and rent a room there.

Moving scams – one of the possibilities why your movers are late

There is also an option that the company is late on purpose and they will demand more money in order to deliver your stuff. This is a scam called the hostage situation. The movers will not give you back your belongings if you do not pay additional money. If this happens be sure to contact the police and report the illegal activity. This will then put the unethical company on a blacklist, and everyone will know that they are scammers.

Whatever happens during this time of crisis, remember to not panic. Keeping your cool during a stressful situation can make you think better and keep your decision-making level to the max bigcitymaids.com. These tips will help you deal with these types of situations and keep the moving process smooth. Even if your movers are late!

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